We are proud to announce our line up of coaches for the 2014 event!


Angi Weston ~ Kona Bikes ~ Bellingham, WA

Brad Titzer ~ Scott Bikes ~ Louisville, KY

Carrie Kirkpatrick ~ KyMBA ~ Lexington, KY

Charles Schindler ~ New Albany, IN


Cory Coffee McGee ~ Detroit, MI


Derrick Maready ~ Snowshoe, WV

Jen Audia ~ Liv/giant ~ Burlington, CT

Jeni Roosen ~ CORA/Dirty Divas ~ Cincinnati, OH

Jim Mynes ~ Dayton, OH


Kathi Krause ~ Dirt, Rock n Root Training ~ Fair Lawn, NJ

Lindsay Beth Currier ~ Shine Riders Co ~ Sacramento, CA

Rae Gandolf ~ Zanesville, OH


Sally Marchand Collins ~ Carmel, IN


Sarah Farver-Staub ~ Ft. Wayne, IN


Sheryl Senczakiewicz ~ Mud Chix ~ Millburn, NJ

Suzanne Summer ~ CORA/Dirty Divas ~ Cincinnati, OH

Teresa Boyle ~ Liv/giant ~ Reno, NV

Todd Boucher ~ Myrtle Beach, SC



 We strive to offer safe, responsible and effective guidance to riders of all skill levels while also teaching the importance of trail etiquette, safety and advocacy. 


We feel strongly that our volunteers, coaches and staff will lead the way as advocates for safe, organized and responsible mountain biking.